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If you were hoping to take your relationship (or potential relationship) to the next level, this is the night to go for it. On the 15th, Venus will be shooting arrows at Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion.If you and your crush or lover had sparkles before, expect a Fourth-of-July–level show that night!If you’re attached, a proposal could arrive, or arrangements for some sort of deeper commitment.On the 15th, Venus and Jupiter will connect, bringing you a magically romantic day!On September 12, it’s the optimum time to play for keeps and think about taking things with your favorite lover to the next level.Do some bonding while exploring somewhere new together (mentally or physically).Use the energy of the 15th to expand on the love you got or meet someone new.

Throw caution to the wind and make the first move with every cutie you meet!Not only that, but you will hold the gift of gab like you haven’t in awhile. If you’re attached, ask for your heart’s desire, because ain’t Time to crawl out of your shell, Crabs!We know last week’s full moon was a little rough, but we promise, this week is about to be lit! It’s time to start a new relationship or take your current one to the next level.It will Let’s be real, Bulls: You were experiencing a bit of a drought the last couple of months.Saturn has been hanging out in your eighth house of merging resources since September of 2015, and is not due to leave until this December!

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