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Addressing the judge after the court heard the jury ask to hear the testimony of Constand's brother-in-law, Stuart Parsons, Mc Monagle said: 'They said they were deadlocked 2 days ago. I'm concerned that whatever this verdict is there are going to be jurors compromising their values just for the sake of coming back with a verdict when they don't have to.'In an extraordinary exchange before the jurors were led back into the court to hear the testimony once more O'Neill told Mc Monagle: 'Maybe they're deadlocked just to the point that most of them want an acquittal.'You don't know what it is and that's why I'm wondering why anybody's making a motion for a mistrial when a jury's deliberating.'But Mc Monagle persisted voicing his concern that the jury was not aware that they could come back with a second deadlock.At this point they've been asking for read-backs now they're asking for a read-back of somebody's testimony in its entirety.'He implored: 'I believe this jury is tired, it's weary, they've been deliberating 12-hour days they believe they are being compelled to come back with a verdict.'With growing frustration he continued: 'I say respectfully I represent the defendant. He said: 'I think they don't know that they can't say [that]. I don't think they know they can say it again and go home.'The jury in Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial deliberated for a fifth day Friday.Cosby gave a thumbs up to his supporters as he left the courthouse Friday night They will return Saturday morning for the sixth day of deliberations.The prosecution of Cosby could be hovering on the brink of collapse as the jury remain locked in deliberations with no word of an imminent verdict.Instead he told them to go back and rely upon their 'collective recollection'.The sense of mounting frustration and desperation for this case to be done was compounded by Mc Monagle when, shortly after 8.30pm, he once again asked for a mistrial as the jury came back with yet another request for testimony to be re-read after 53 hours of deliberation and one declaration of deadlock.The portion of her mother's testimony where she talks about a 2 1/2-hour phone conversation with Cosby, about a year after the sexual encounter.In the call, Gianna Constand said Cosby apologized and described himself as a 'sick man.'A re-read of the portion of her mother Gianna's testimony where she says she hadn't heard the details of the alleged incident from her daughter but instead during the two and a half hour telephone conversation with Cosby.

Judge Steven O'Neill told the jury he could not provide additional information.'Please, to the supporters, stay calm do not argue with people.Just keep up the great support,' Cosby said He then thanked the seven men and five women jurors for their time.Just keep up the great support,' Cosby said to a crowd of fans and reporters as he left the courthouse.He then thanked the seven men and five women jurors for their time.

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