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Spotlight on Vietnam One of the shining highlights of the SEVIS report is the breakneck growth in Vietnamese enrolments at all levels of the US educational system, especially at its colleges and universities. It recorded an astounding 18.9% increase from July to November 2015, the third highest after India (20.7%) and China (19.4%).

Incredibly, Vietnam now ranks sixth among all sending countries with 28,883 students studying at US institutions, mostly colleges and universities but also boarding and day schools.

Ho Chi Minh City is among the cities that will experience the most rapid growth in wealth, in addition to Jakarta, Mumbai and Delhi.

This is in spite of a high visa denial rate over the summer for many universities, especially in the Consulate in Ho Chi Minh City, and growing concern about personal safety as a result of the recent spate of mass shootings.

In total the top 10 enrol 20,797, or 72% of all students from Vietnam.

Some reasons for the continued impressive growth There are a number of reasons for this upward trend, some of which are related to Vietnams economic growth rate, one of the highest in the world, and the preference for the US for those who wish to study overseas.

In line with international student enrolment in the US, but also for unique historical reasons, in some cases, the top five states for Vietnamese students are California, Texas, Washington, Massachusetts and New York.

The first two are because of family ties, the result of waves of post-war emigration; the third because of the popularity of its high school completion programmes and the recruitment activities of its community colleges, dating back to the early days (10-15 years ago); the fourth because of the high concentration of higher education institutions and the reputation of Boston; and the fifth simply because its New York.

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