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The Sync system may ask another question, such as “Download Phone Book.” Pusk the OK to start the download.Android phone users may see a screen appear on their phone asking for SMS access. Before the phone allows the phone book to download, it will show a secondary screen asking for your permission. Sync will then complete the download in about a minute or so.Tap the Sync tab, your phone will either ask you to enter the PIN number from your console screen, or, with the latest My Ford Touch software, the Sync system will automatically send the 6-digit number to your phone.If so, just tap the “pair” button on your phone and on the My Ford Touch screen.The alternate “Reboot” Procedure: As described in many online Forums, this process calls for you to turn off the vehicle, find the fuse box, and (refer to the manual please) remove the fuse for the My Ford Touch/Sync system, and, after a short while, replace the fuse, close up the fuse box and restart the vehicle.I would check with the com website before attempting this procedure.

Both procedures require the owner to open things up to remove and replace things…I have discovered there are a number of people with issues with their Ford My Ford Touch system.The My Ford Touch was offered in some of the 20 Edge, Explorer and some Focuses.Bluetooth is what it is – a low-power short-range way to connect devices wirelessly.Often the system can get out of phase and cause connection problems.

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