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He decides to go "topside" to cool off and meets someone filled with more anger than him: a streetwise vigilante named Casey Jones.

A small-time thief goes on a crime spree when he stumbles upon a form of artificial intelligence made up of nanotechnology.

The series is loaded with a number of colorful characters that help the turtles out from time to time.

Plus, the show takes on a number of story lines that follow the heroes from the sewers they live in to the surface as they embark on their mystic quests to save New York and the world from foes with serious power.

While attempting to team-up with his superhero inspiration, Silver Sentry, Mikey must battle his hero's arch-nemesis, Dr. The Turtles investigate and find tracks indicating the presence of some unknown creature.During a routine skirmish with a street gang known as the Purple Dragons, Raph and Casey encounter the Foot Tech Ninja, whose cyber-armor enhances their strength and speed while giving them invisibility.Raphael is kidnapped and then interrogated by Hun, while Casey escapes to get help.When the crook and his ward reach April O'Neil's new antique shop, "2nd Time Around," they face off against Casey and the Turtles.Casey Jones becomes an unwanted house-guest in the Turtles' lair, so Raphael takes him topside to get some much needed air.

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Splinter reveals the Shredder and Hun's hand in murdering his master Hamato Yoshi, and the two sides come to blows in a battle that seemingly ends in the Shredder's defeat.

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