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Now he only has to decide what the future holds for this find. Louis Showroom and Restoration Facility at Auburn Speedster Barn find was recently purchased by Joh has owned many Speedsters over the years so he is more than familiar with his recent find.You can view his Rare and Exceptional Classic Cars that he offers for sale in his 35,000 sq. You can view over 30 photos of this Auburn on his website. The last time we spoke, Johnny had plans to refurbish the Auburn as a Survivor and enjoy it for a while as is...The search engine is powered by Yahoo and will pull up the same quality search results that you are use to, only the museum is earning money every time you search the web." Go to enter the ACD Museum as the charity that you would like to support.Just 500 people searching through Good four times a day will raise about 00 in a years time for the Museum The Cord L-29 became available in the summer of 1929 and production continued through 1931. Cord historians feel that only 4-5 percent of these Beautiful Classic Cars have survived.He discovered and purchased an early 1935 Auburn 851 Speedster.The Auburn has had two previous owners and is said to be in very original condition.Glenn Pray's book, "The Man Who Brought Legends to Life", has gone into it's third printing.This new edition has added a collage of photo's depicting Glenn, his family, his cars and his airplanes to the inside front and rear covers.

The New Duesenberg Torpedo Coupe release date has been pushed back until Spring 2008.The website, "Internet Movie Cars Database", allows you search by vehicle to see what movies they have been used in.Needless to say ACD cars have appeared in many movies, past and current.Announced in 2006, this car has received a lot of preproduction publicity.Like everyone I am anxious to see the production version and read the reviews of which I am sure will be plentiful.

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