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– Signature Episode: “Two Cathedrals,” the second season finale wherein Bartlet mourns his late secretary and friend, curses at God in Latin, and defiantly tells the world he has multiple sclerosis.

It’s bravado work from Sheen, and he sells it at every turn. Credit to Lily Tomlin and the writers for giving Debbie her own unique, but no less special relationship with the President.

We dream of a real commander in chief who was half the president Bartlet was.

We see her really struggle, but she gathers her backbone and has a great come-to-Jesus moment with Jed. He went on to appear in almost every episode in the series, entirely because of how incredible the character Sorkin and Sheen created together was.

Bartlet wasn’t a phantom figurehead; he was inspiring, frustrating, flawed, genius, courageous, and paternal.

She’s funny and tough as nails – we just wish she didn’t have to go so soon.

– KOSignature Episode: “Bartlet for America,” her introductory installment.

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