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Thanks” Jean harris – Redding, CA “Nerve Renew has been a God send” “I will tell you the Nerve Renew has been a God send. On a side note, the night cramps in my legs have also subsided.Whether this can be attributed to the formula, I don’t know, but I do think it has.“she went from an 11 with pain all the way down to a 1” “I had to write to thank you for your discovery when you developed Neuropathy as well as your Nerve Repair Optimizer!

No matter what these MD’s tried, whether it was various doses of drugs or pain patches, nothing helped.Once again Wes, we just want to thank you so much for everything you’ve done to help my mother with your wonderful products! ” Peter Jovanovich- Alsip, IL “Nerve Renew is a huge part of my recipe for success” “I was diagnosed with CMT 1A (Chromosome 17) about two years ago.Nerve pain is so icky and very different from muscle pain. I discovered Nerve Renew and began taking it about the same time I started triathlon training in an attempt to stave off leg braces (I was already requiring them on most days) and stiff hands and feet (Doctors are still on the fence as to whether endurance exercise is good for CMT or not).Thanks for your companies effort to heal people who have this peripheral neuropathy.I am gradually reducing other meds and may be able to stop it, it’s not doing much good that i can tell.

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