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Likewise, examples are growing of rapid formations with typical chemical make-up (see bottle, left) of classic stalactites and stalagmites including: - the Carlsbad stalagmite that rapidly preserved the form of a dead bat - the tunnel stalagmites at Tennessee's Raccoon Mountain - hundreds of stalactites beneath the Lincoln Memorial- those near Gladfelter Hall at Philadelphia's Temple University (send photos to [email protected]) - hundreds of stalactites at Australia's zinc mine at Mt. - and those beneath Melbourne's Shrine of Remembrance.Consider also the most popular explanation offered for the photo (right), that a concretion formed around an Human Protein-coding Variants.

Increasing scientific knowledge is arguing for rapid cave formation (see below, Nat'l Park Service shrinks Carslbad Caverns formation estimates from 260M years, to 10M, to 2M, to it "depends").As summarized by geneticist co-author Joshua Akey, "Most of the mutations that we found arose in the last 200 generations or so" (the same number previously published by biblical creationists).Another 2012 paper, in the , shows that one mitochondrial DNA mutation occurs every other generation, which, as creationists point out, indicates that mt Eve would have lived about 200 generations ago. * National Geographic's Not-So-Old Hard-Rock Canyon at Mount St.- A second school of jellyfish, even though they rarely fossilized, exists in another locale with jellyfish fossils in multiple layers, in Australia's Brockman Iron Formation, constraining there too the rate of strata deposition.By the way, jellyfish are an example of evolution's big squeeze.

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Rather than having been genetically isolated from other fish for 13,000 years (which would make this small school of fish older than the Earth itself), according to a paper in the journal , actual measurements of mutation rates indicate that the genetic diversity of these Pupfish could have been generated in about 100 years, give or take a few.

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  1. Hoy en día, no obstante, esta definición no queda circunscrita al mundo impreso o de los soportes físicos, dada la aparición y auge de los nuevos formatos documentales y especialmente de la World Wide Web.