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When everyone is busy, being respectful of their time—by taking up as little of it as possible—is a key way to get people to pay attention.When composing email, this means being clear, concise, and actionable.The customer needs to understand that this is becoming a serious issue for your organization and that failure to remedy the situation will have negative consequences.Still, your communication does not need to be hostile and can still reinforce your commitment to working with them to resolve the issue.The goal is to get the reader’s attention and have them understand the action that’s being requested immediately.If you put a lot of rigmarole before your ask, an impatient reader might never get to it.

You should remind customers to pay you a few days before the invoice is due and remind them that there is still a balance due on their account.We realize you have many choices and thank you for your business and look forward to serving your future business needs.This email notification should be sent the day the invoice is past due, or within a few days of the invoice due date.You can make a note on invoices in the portal should you have an issue that requires our attention.Kindly disregard this email if payment has already been processed.

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Some may be later than other, which means your tone should be different for each.

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