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It's been a while since we've had a good old fashioned street date, but it looks as though Mortal Kombat X, scheduled for release tomorrow in Australia, in now officially on sale, with EB Games announcing that it is officially selling the game.EB Games typically doesn't sell anything unless it has express permission from the publisher, in this case Warner Brothers so we expect that most other retailers will follow suit.The combo move, Bruiser (2, 1, 1) is an alternative to his Titan Krush Combo (2, 1, 4) and works great as a combo ender.The first special move, Shokan Stabs, replaces the normal Shokan Grab, and also inflicts greater amounts of damage to the opponent.The two moves featured here are Chest Lunge and Quake.Quake is an unblockable attack that covers the entire length of the screen.

Much like the Tigrar Fury variant, Goro’s third variant, Dragon Fangs, is good for setting up offensive combinations that will work to your advantage.

Due to the nature of the moves, we made it easier to understand the commands.

Because of this, we’ll group the different combinations under one number.

Goro is a fantastic kombatant featuring safe special moves, decent amounts of damage, and outstanding frame advantage.

When playing as Goro, your first choice of combat style should be the Tigrar Fury variant, as it has the greatest potential for setups to keep you on the offensive.

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