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The X is labeled to the right of the top quadrant, while the minus sign is labeled outside the right quadrant.In this case, two of the four quadrants contain the genotype XX, resulting in female insects; the remaining two quadrants contain the genotype X-, resulting in male insects.")" class="inline Links" Many people do not realize, however, that the XX-XY sex determination system is only one of a variety of such systems within the animal kingdom.Based on his observations, Henking hypothesized that this extra chromosome, the X element, must play some role in determining the sex of insects.In humans, females inherit an X chromosome from each parent, whereas males always inherit their X chromosome from their mother and their Y chromosome from their father.

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In this case, two of the four quadrants contain the genotype ZZ, resulting in male birds; the remaining two quadrants contain the genotype ZW, resulting in female birds.")" class="inline Links" Despite the previous examples, males are not always the sex with the mismatched chromosome pair.

For example, the ZZ-ZW sex determination system used in birds, snakes, and some insects relies upon females to carry the mismatched chromosome pair (ZW) and males to carry the identical pair (ZZ) (Figure 6).

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