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Women don't want to talk about within dating, it's not a romantic topic, it often leads to arguments, and is very personal to discuss with someone you hardly know.So there are probably lots of right wing women out there but they don't mention it in their profile beacuse they don't see it as relevant to dating.I've never found politics to be a big issue in Australia.Elections come and go, the conversation about is minimal in my world. I've never ever asked someone what their political leanings are with a view to determining if I want to date them.

Being labelled as right wing or left wing means different things to different people, and besides, a lot of people don't know if their views are considered left or right wing or somewhere in between.

Side not: In the 2016: Only 56% of people actually voted48% Of them voted Trump42% of Trump voters were women This means only 11% of the country is a female Trump voter, not exactly a majority and goes to explain why they are difficult to find.

They do, and a great many conservatives do think about those issues.

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One thing I've noticed from reading many, many years of women's dating bios; is how remarkably few women admit to having any conservative/Right-leaning political views.

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