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Trump has survived criticism from establishment Republicans before, most notably when GOP lawmakers across the country distanced themselves from him in the final weeks of the campaign following the release of a video in which the former reality television star is heard making predatory sexual comments about women.Many of those same lawmakers ultimately voted for Trump and rallied around his presidency after his stunning victory.The core of YOURLS is designed to be as light as possible and avoid bloat (implementing functions not everybody needs) and to allow for easy customization.

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Tom Davis, a Republican state senator representing a coastal South Carolina district, said that when Trump can move beyond the crisis of the moment, he articulates policies that could help the country's economic situation.

But Davis said Trump is also part of the reason not much progress has been made.'To his discredit, he's been maddeningly inconsistent in advancing those policies, which is part of the reason so little has been accomplished in our nation's capital these past six months,' Davis said.

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Bush's Siblings Discuss Their Brother's Presidential Bid • Republican National Convention: George W.

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