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You have that confused with someone who has no moral compass. I don't believe most married people who cheat set out to do so.My body language etc changes completely when I'm in an exclusive relationship, and if the guy doesn't get it or he chooses not to, he will hear a few words about my being in a committed relationship and thats it. They're not keeping their options open, it's just that an opportunity comes along and they don't pass it up. This is done by people who don't have the guts to end a failing relationship.Willingness to cheat is cheating..if you're not fvcking someone at the time. It might just mean you'd rather be with than without... It's not a matter of defining "exclusive" -- more a matter of does it really exist?While i despise it, it is obvious some people want to have their cake and eat it too. And, yes, you are making an assumption that people (women) keep their options open.Sooo yes I did meet a guy I would later date for some time while in a relationship with someone else...

After ending things I had our mutual friend go in to see if he was into me (since we really weren't flirting I just was really into him) and did set us up.if I do not like them enough in a way that no one takes my breath but them... I have other male friends but I have always been honest with them regarding my intentions and have never cheated. Exclusively dating someone means I want us to have a chance at a lifetime together.That we got past the initial stages of getting to know one another and dating already. 99% of people with no morals, integrity or bridges. There's an inherent contradiction and lack of logic in your question.It's sort of like the casual drug user who isn't looking to score pot or coke and might not do either for years but then someone lays a joint or line in front of them and they imbibe. Sadly, though, I know of people who have done this. They just line up the next person and jump straight from one to the is an open question to the females.A married guy might have every intent on remaining faithful but if Angelina Jolie shows up and grabs his face to kiss him, I think many men would have a hard time pushing her away. I mean, over half of relationships involve somebody cheating, so i am assuming that people do keep their options open and flirt with other people while they are in a relationship. I wouldn't be in the commited relationship if I didn't want to be with that person.

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  1. Before getting serious with Michael, she met up with six sugar daddies one 40 years her senior and although she dismissed two right away, she continued relationships with the others.