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As it happened, even after being on Urso, my levels were rising so they decided to induce me at 37 5. The best thing to do is make a list of the questions you would like to ask your consultant.Good luck Hi, If they decide you do have oc then my understanding is that they won't let you go full term and will induce you early.At my consultant appointment, they told me that in my area (Derbyshire) they like women to go around 39 weeks before they induce.After doing my research on the condition, I wasn't happy with this at all and told them I wanted to be induced earlier than this.

I am so so glad that I pushed for the induction and I really hope all hospitals will soon adopt the policy of inducing at 37/38 weeks for oc.

When i saw the cnsultant she said that they dont really know for sure that it causes problems but there is a small link between oc and still birth if you go overdue so they prefer to induce.

I tested high on a couple of blood tests so they induced me at 39 3.

I've been told that unless the oc worsens I'll be having the baby at around 38 weeks.

It's awful the constant itching grrrrrr xx Sent from my i Phone using Netmums I had OC in pregnancies 2 and 3, but in the second itched for ages before I knew what it was. Think it should be mentioned more at midwife appointments.

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I have been booked in to see consultant tomorrow and they want to do further tests /scans.

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