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Ted, Robin and Barney accompany Marshall and Lily to St.Cloud, Minnesota to support them at Marshall's father's funeral.Both men hit the casinos, where Barney proposes wearing the Ducky Tie again if they can turn off their phones for one hour and drink 100 tequila shots. As a drunk Marshall madly tosses poker chips around the casino floor, Barney turns his phone back on and sees 17 voicemails - all coming from Lily, who has gone into labor and wants them back to New York immediately. 36 - The number on Marshall's dad's beer, "Old Number 36", when Marshall does not call him 35,34 - Stock markets are up 35.34 points on Robin's news screen 33 - Miners rescued from collapsed mine on Robin's news screen.This is actually a true event, as 33 Chilean coal miners did really get trapped in a mine. 32-27 - On Robin's screen: "Today's lottery numbers are 32 31 30 29 28 27" 26 - Marshall's dad is reading "26 Home Improvement Shortcuts" 25 - Textbook that Ted is reading in the apartment, "25 Greatest Bridges" 24 - One of Robin's co-workers is reading a magazine, with a sports player on the front with "24" on his jersey 23 - Metro News 23, the channel Robin says "I'm a dirty, dirty girl," a reference to an older show.

Seeing that Barney's trying to dictate her career, Quinn asks for some time to think and leaves Barney, who reinstates the official.50 - On a pamphlet in the Doctor's office in the first scene 49 - Same pamphlet on the Doctor's desk ("months later" according to Ted) 48 - Label on hot sauce Marshall uses at Mac Laren's 47 - Barney's laser tag forms are for the "47th Bi-Annual" Laser Tag Competition 46 - Printed on Dr.Stangel's certificate behind Lily when they first meet 45 - 45¢ the price of the hot wings at Mac Laren's 44 - Number of beers on tap, on a circular blackboard in Mac Laren's 44 - (appears twice) Football number on a man's jersey in Mac Laren's 43 - On the pamphlet Marshall is reading in Dr.Over the course of each date, Ted suddenly visualizes Robin sitting in front of him and is determined to get her out of his mind even if his dates found him weird.On the third date, Ted finds out that his date, Holly, needed someone to get her over a recent breakup, which leads them to sleeping together.

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