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Recently, I received an overwhelming and fantastic responses came all over the world to visit the tutorial of the Zip-Itself Tetrahedron Coin Purse, the same concept of this zip-it-up pencil pouch.Olive trees can grow in nutrient-poor, but well-drained soils.Finally, phosphate and potash fertilizers are added with the last ploughing, that will be used by the trees during the first years of growth.Before adding any fertilizer, it is strongly recommended to perform soil analysis by taking samples from different spots and depths in the field (30, 60, 90 cm).After planting, the surrounding earth could be covered with straw to minimize water loss from the soil.

If another annual crop is cultivated in the field (e.g.

Often trees are planted very densely (400-500 trees/ha), but later as they grow, half of them are removed, especially those planted in the intermediate rows.

In areas with less fertile soils and low rainfall, planting density is reduced accordingly.

In this case, specialized tractors (caterpillar or crawler tractors) and other vehicles should be used to minimize the danger of overturn.

Planting layout Olive tree planting scheme is decided according to the cultivation system applied (intensive/non-intensive).

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The decision must also take into account the annual rainfall.

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