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A striking granite marker designates the burial site of seven poineers who were massacred by Indians in 1865.

Seven Ephraimites, who drowned in Funks' Lake in 1878, are buried nearby.

The Syriac original of Ephraem's writings is preserved in many manuscripts, one of which dates from the fifth century.

Through much transcription, however, his writings, particularly those used in the various liturgies, have suffered no little interpolation.

Born at Nisibis, then under Roman rule, early in the fourth century; died June, 373.

The name of his father is unknown, but he was a pagan and a priest of the goddess Abnil or Abizal. Ephraem was instructed in the Christian mysteries by St.

Moreover, many of his exegetical works have perished, or at least have not yet been found in the libraries of the Orient.

Armenian writers seem to have undertaken the translation of his Biblical commentaries.To accomplish even so much the emperor had to sign a disadvantageous treaty, by the terms of which Rome lost the Eastern provinces conquered at the end of the third century; among the cities retroceded to Persia was Nisibis (363).To escape the cruel persecution that was then raging in Persia, most of the Christian population abandoned Nisibis Ephraem went with his people, and settled first at Beit-Garbaya, then at Amid, finally at Edessa, the capital of Osrhoene, where he spent the remaining ten years of his life, a hermit remarkable for his severe asceticism.Nevertheless he took an interest in all matters that closely concerned the population of Edessa.Several ancient writers say that he was a deacon; as such he could well have been authorized to preach in public. ) and Sozomen, according to whom the hermit of Edessa, attracted by the great reputation of St. He was warmly received and was ordained deacon by St.

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