Dating a vampire 2016

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"I can travel through space, and I can travel through time, but I can't always be there when you need me.

Benny considers Sarah as highly attractive or simply "Hot" although Benny seems slightly interested in her, he doesn't consider her as his "Soul-Mate" however Erica is his real main love interest on the show.

Sarah and Benny maintain a friendship throughout the show also because Benny knows Ethan is interested in her.

Three tie-in novels were released alongside the first series.

While he is just as brave and strategically clever as his pal, Benny admits that in his case it only applies to Video games.

The show set out to become a "British Buffy", albeit with a sci-fi twist on the formula.

But alas, things ultimately would not turn out that way.

It stars Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins, and Vivian Oparah as sixth formers at Coal Hill School, and Katherine Kelly as the teacher Miss Quill.

The series is written by Young Adult author Patrick Ness (), serving as his first experience on a television show, directed by Ed Bazalgette (episodes 1-3), Philippa Langdale (episodes 4-5), Wayne Yip (episodes 6-7), and Julian Holmes (episode 8), and executive produced by Patrick Ness, Steven Moffat, and Brian Minchin.

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