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The couple were newlyweds at the time of the incident and Mr Butler had just returned from serving in the Vietnam War.

The case attracted huge media attention at the time and in 1982 then-President Ronald Reagan visited the Butlers’ home with his wife Nancy.

Stone has been in a lengthy custody battle with Christina Presnell, the mother of his child, according to Jefferson County Court records.

“Fr Aitcheson was approached about this, he acknowledged his past and saw the opportunity to tell his story in the hopes that others would see the possibility of conversion and repentance, especially given the context of what occurred in Charlottesville. “The Butler family asked for the disclosure of names of any others who cooperated in the cross burning at their home. Aitcheson agrees to fully cooperate with law enforcement addressing details of this case that were not gathered previously.” Fr Aitcheson announced he was temporarily stepping down from his role as a parochial vicar at a church in Fairfax City “for the well-being of the church and parish community”. The couple, who are now in their 70s, are reportedly still in pursuit of a further ,000 (£50,000) of interest on the original ,000 which was not paid in 1977.He also agreed to send them a further ,600 (£7,000) to cover their legal fees. I believe now that all people can live together in peace regardless of race.” The 63-year-old’s past first came to light in August after he wrote an essay for the in Virginia, where he now lives, detailing his past.The money is what the family were expected to receive after they filed a lawsuit over the incident in the 1970s. He wrote: “You became my target at the time because I did not believe that people of different races should live together. He said he was motivated to speak out after the escalation of violence at a far-right rally in the nearby city of Charlottesville led to the death of a 32-year-old woman, Heather Heyer, when she and several others were deliberately rammed into by a car.He wrote: “The images from Charlottesville brought back memories of a bleak period in my life that I would have preferred to forget.” He described his actions as “despicable” and reflecting on that time he added that it was “hard to believe that was me”.“We must condemn, at every opportunity, the hatred and vile beliefs of the KKK and other white supremacist organizations.

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Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines said the church would not tolerate immorality, and he will collect evidence and testimonies from people with direct knowledge of the case before submitting the document to Rome. “But it does not mean he is guilty before proven innocent.

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