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In essence, this starts in 1760, when King George 111 of England and King Waitaheke Tautari of the Maori entered into a Private Trade Agreement.King George was bankrupt at this time and needed help to discharge his debt.The newly rich tribal corporations pay little or no tax and two entities, Waikato-Tainui and Ngai Tahu, are entitled to repeated top-ups as a percent of the increasing grand total.Morgan’s assertion that making it up as they (Crown and claimants) go along was necessary because "the original documents aren’t very useful” shows that he has not looked closely at the texts of either Te Tiriti or the official English and has ruled out the Busby February 4 draft, also known as the Littlewood treaty.Also see: Gunpoint treaty threat and other lies Promoting Are we there yet?The future of the Treaty of Waitangi, Morgan has got the New Zealand Herald to agree to run a four-part series to promote his book, with the first installment published today.

We are care takers of the land, which is a completely different mindset to the western way of thinkng and the His conclusion that the treaty process is a success because the “treaty is now taken to mean whatever Maori leaders and the Crown, as the public’s representatives, agree it means” ignores the elephant in the room by way of a racial faultline that came into existence with the creation of the Waitangi Tribunal in 1975.” If he had looked at the English source draft to see what the word “rangatiratanga” translated in Article 2, he would have seen that it translated the English word “possession”, as in “the Queen of England confirms and guarantees to the chiefs and the tribes and to all the people of New Zealand, the possession of their lands, dwellings and all their property.” Morgan is also wrong to buy into land-loss rhetoric when he writes “justice and reparations have been a long time coming and, as generous as they might look to non-Maori, they’re just cents in the dollar for what Maori lost in terms of property”.No mention by Morgan of the fact that land-owner Maori sold New Zealand to the wicked white coloniser in hundreds of transactions painstakingly recorded in Turton’s deeds posted for all to see on the New Zealand Electronic Text Centre of the Victoria University of Wellington’s website. A total 1.2-million hectares were confiscated during the 1860s wars (much of which was returned at the time).Morgan has either forgotten or has not thought about the fact that the treaty was drafted in English and translated into Maori, which means the meaning and intent is clear in the source document, the original English.That source document is quite likely the Busby February 4 draft that has only four words that differ from Te Tiriti, one of which is the date.

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But any mention of that document brings a torrent of spat tacks from grievers on the gravy train.

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