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The list of growing complaints around the country accuse local Better Business Bureaus of: Unfair and Disingenuous Business Practices. Discrimination Against Certain Businesses Based On Their Industry. Many of us look to the Better Business Bureau to establish the legitimacy of a business or to report a business, but where do we go if we have a problem with the better business bureau? The savvy consumer and self-respecting business owner does due diligence on the Better Business Bureau just as they would before dealing with any other company. It has been reported to the "" that, the BBB encourages and solicits money from the very businesses they monitor! Consumers have reported, the BBB DOES NOT report consumer complaints which are under investigation, even when they know the business is under criminal investigation and is about to be shut down.

......(see victim's story down below)What the BBB does, is give the business that is being reported the opportunity to respond.

It seems like an A grade is only possible for dues-paying customers (members).4.

The fact of the matter is everything that the trusted BBB warns us about when it comes to unscrupulous business practices, they are considered by some as the biggest offenders.5.

They claim neutrality but to any rational person there is an obvious conflict of interest.

So you see a business with a BBB member sticker in the window, a plaque on the wall, or a banner on their website and you think they must be creditable.

What should also be swirling in your mind is the fact that in order to become a member of the BBB the business has to pay an annual membership fee.

How many renewals would the BBB get if the members were graded badly? The truth is members of the Better Business Bureau have much higher grades than non-members.

Consumers love to do business with someone that can admit mistakes and state how they made improvements.UPDATE: April 27, 2011abc 20/20 exposes the Better Business Bureau BBBTerror Group Gets 'A' Rating From Better Business Bureau?The Better Business Bureau, one of the country's best known consumer watchdog groups, is being accused by business owners of running a "pay for play" scheme in which A plus ratings are awarded to those who pay membership fees, and F ratings used to punish those who don't.==================UPDATE: December 2010Rip-off Report first Reported about the BBB in the original article below back in February 2000.In a recent straw poll, over 70% of respondents incorrectly thought that the BBB was a government organization.In actuality, the BBB is a private 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.

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The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is an organization containing more than 100 privately owned franchises loosely controlled by the Council of the Better Business Bureau (CBBB).

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