Ano ang dating pangalan ng luneta park

Do not believe anyone who says that life during the Martial Law years was worse than today. There are a lot of people who say that life then was peaceful for those who did not break the law.Of course there were the abuses committed by members of the military and the Philippine National Police.The only thing that truly keeps the economy afloat are the remittances from overseas contract workers.

Ding ganid na pulitikong ganid sa pagnanakaw ng Pera ng Bayan. Did you know that credit rating agencies actually get paid to give favorable ratings to countries and institutions? Ang paglimot ay katumbas ng pagkunsinti at pagbalik sa dating gawi. Inuulit ko; Ang kwento ng EDSA ay hindi kwento ng mga sumunod na administrasyon o ng mga mukha sa likod nito.So the stories about EDSA told by the old farts will remain a story about a three-day fiesta and nothing more.As my sociology professor once said, Filipinos love feasting for a day and fasting all year.A truly evil dictator like the late Muammar Gaddafi and Ang dating pangalan ng luneta park al-Assad would have clung to power even if it meant killing hundreds of civilians.They cling on to the memory of the event partly because of the fiesta atmosphere and mostly because the event was anti-climactic.

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That ang dating pangalan ng luneta park where feminists in other countries are shown dressed in military gear with guns locked and loaded looking really badass while. Yan Talaga ang alam naming silent majority at mga mamamayan.

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